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Ferguson has successfully completed numerous project worldwide developing and building on its reputation as a leader in the glazing industry, utilizing designs developed to beat the harsh conditions and temperature extremes existing in the Canadian climate for success in the global market. Originating from techniques developed by the National Research Centre of Canada, Ferguson has developed advanced glazing systems which permit larger expanses of glass in buildings. These energy efficient systems allow more natural daylight to be used in buildings without any significant increase in cooling or heating equipment.

Ferguson started its export program many years ago with projects in New York State and Saudi Arabia, but started to take an active interest in the Asian export market almost four years ago and is currently promoting its technology and capabilities in several Asian countries. Ferguson presently has offices in Harbin, China and Bangkok, Thailand.

Ferguson hopes to export their technology to the ASEAN countries and become involved in their expanding construction industry.

Some of the Services provided by Ferguson are:

  •  Building Envelope Engineering.
  • Building Science Consulting.
  • Engineering and Consulting for Glass and Aluminum.
  • Curtain Wall and Skylight Design & Engineering.
  • Curtain Wall systems for commercial building.
  • Large Skylight systems for buildings or shopping centres.
  • Structural Glass Walls.
  • Windows for commercial buildings.



Frank Babienko
Phone: 1 (403) 287-4494
Fax: 1 (403) 243-2198


Ferguson Harbin Diaco Finishing & Construction Co. Ltd.
#15 Ganshui Road, 3-5 Building
Harbin Economical Development Zone
Nangang District, Harbin
Heilongjiang, P. R. China, 150090
Telephone: 0451-2340556-8001
Mobile: 1390-4813881
Fax: 0451-2340917
Attention: Mr. Liu Shan (Sam), General Manager


Alfab Engineered Aluminum Products Ltd.
697 Chitvaranund Building
Srinakharin Road
Suanluang, Bangkok
10250 Thailand
Telephone: (662) 722-6734 or 722-6735 or 722-6736
Fax: (662) 722-6737
Attention: Mr. Natanun Chitvaranund

For information on international projects, please email: