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      The 1400 Series is a capped and pressure plated unitized panel system. Its controlled fabrication and fast install time make...

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      The 1400-4S Series is a four-sided structural silicone unitized panel system. Its controlled fabrication and fast install time make it...

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      Our unitized panel systems drastically reduce install time. We bring the majority of the installation time into a controlled envir...

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      The 100 Series curtain wall system accommodates double glazed units. It can accommodate a pressure plate and cap system as...

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      The 100 Series Sunshades have been developed for use with Ferguson’s curtain wall systems and are available with numerous blade...

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      The 130 Series is our most common curtain wall system as the larger back section lends to high performance and...

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      The 600 Series skylight has a 63.5mm rafter and purlin width, with varying depths available, and a vision strip is...

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      Ferguson is regularly adopting new technologies to better serve our customers. For example, we can now install photovoltaic (solar panel)...

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Calgary, AB  2018

New Central Library

520 unique oversized unitized panels, Acoustic curtain wall.

LEED: Gold

The new Calgary Central Library is a flagship building bridging the downtown core and the rapidly-developing East Village. While a schematic design was in place for the Central Library project, the project team needed help bringing it to life given the complexity of the project. 

That’s where Ferguson came in. We were engaged to provide design assist, preconstruction and construction services, coordination and installation services. This included supply and installation of the building envelope including the aluminum panel system and curtain wall. 

The project required us to work closely and iteratively with the construction-design team, our suppliers, and our own management and quality control personnel to coordinate the thousands of different shapes and material locations. 

In all there were 460 oversized custom patterns unitized panels-constructed out of more than 6000 pieces of glass and composite metal panels.

Today, the library stands as a monument to the changing face of Calgary. It has received international attention, including from the New York Times, which cited it as one of 2019’s Places To Go.

“We have recently worked with Ferguson on projects including River Landing East Tower, River Landing North Tower, MacKimmie Tower, the New Calgary Central Library and Mount Royal University Riddell Library and Learning Centre. These projects all provided unique challenges which Ferguson supported the development of ideas and subsequent execution and were an integral part of each projects success. We had regular engagement with their engineering staff, project management team and field installation group throughout the phases of the projects which maintained continuity of design, budget and constructibility.”

David Leonard
Associate - Building Envelope, Entuitive Corporation

Project Duration

Design – 6 months

Fabrication – 4 months

Panel Assembly – 4 months

Installation – 11 months

“Stuart Olson Partnered with Ferguson Corporation through a unique design assist capacity to complete Calgary’s New Central Library’s curtain wall facade and skylight. Ferguson fully engineered, manufactured, assembled and installed the vertical curtain wall and skylight. The design assist process allowed us the quality of materials, budget and time to be managed in the way that the city of Calgary required for this iconic building.

This is where Ferguson’s team really came together with Stuart Olson’s and the design team to work through the complex structure and curtain wall as a whole. The structure was a curved steel/concrete hybrid that created individual and distinctive connection and parapet details. Due to the curvature of the structure, almost every connection detail was unique. Meaning that even though they had standardized most of the curtain wall panels, each connection was a different problem that required a different solution. That is where having a partner like Ferguson really pays off. For them, its in the details. What the execution of the library required was exactly that attention to detail.

In addition to the complex structure, the building was built above an active LRT (light rail transit) system. This meant that the building had to be built on either side of the train tracks, then connected with steel trusses in between. This created a instillation challenge for the curtain wall. We needed to push the curtain wall installation in sections without having the building complete. Typically, you would start at the bottom and build up, but we had to start on either side and build to the top, then infill the steel truss sections from bottom to up.

Another unique aspect was the use of BIM modeling to model every panel and connection. At the Library we used a total BIM project approach. Ferguson was integral to these design talks and coordination, which helped shape the the overall look and function of the Library’s end result. Their ability to see problems through the use of BIM before they become problems was essential in keeping the budget under control and site progressing.
Ferguson was a a critical part in delivering the complex New Central Library on time and under budget.”

Jordan Polson
Project Manager, Stuart Olson Construction

Project Testing

PMU was tested at CRL Miami in November 2014. Report available upon request.

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