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  • Unitized Panel Systems
    • 1400 Series

      1400 Series

      The 1400 Series is a capped and pressure plated unitized panel system. Its controlled fabrication and fast install time make...

    • 1400-4S Series

      1400-4S Series

      The 1400-4S Series is a four-sided structural silicone unitized panel system. Its controlled fabrication and fast install time make it...

    • All Utilized Panel Systems

      Unitized Panel Systems

      Our unitized panel systems drastically reduce install time. We bring the majority of the installation time into a controlled envir...

  • Curtain Wall Systems
    • 100 Series

      100 Series

      The 100 Series curtain wall system accommodates double glazed units. It can accommodate a pressure plate and cap system as...

    • 100 Sunshades

      100 Sunshades

      The 100 Series Sunshades have been developed for use with Ferguson’s curtain wall systems and are available with numerous blade...

    • 110 Series

      110 Series

      The 110 Series curtain wall system is similar to the 100 Series but has a thinner back section profile –...

    • 130 Series

      130 Series

      The 130 Series is our most common curtain wall system as the larger back section lends to high performance and...

    • 135 Series

      135 Series

      Similar to the 110 Series, the 135 Series curtain wall system has a 51mm back section, but it includes a...

    • I Tube Series

      I Tube Series

      The I Tube Series curtain wall system comes in double glazed or silicone. The double glazed system has an exterior...

    • All Curtain Wall Systems

      Curtain Wall Systems

      Curtain wall is our traditional glazed building envelope system, stick built with aluminum framing and glazing. It is customizable f...

  • Skylights
    • 600 Series

      600 Series

      The 600 Series skylight has a 63.5mm rafter and purlin width, with varying depths available, and a vision strip is...

    • 700 Series

      700 Series

      The 700 Series skylight has a 63.5mm rafter and purlin width, with varying depths available. The mullion accommodates a gasket...

    • 700-4S Series

      700-4S Series

      The 700-4S Series skylight is similar to the 700 Series, but it allows for a 4-sided SSG. It has a...

    • All Skylights


      Our skylights are designed for drainage and deflection to eliminate leaks and stand the test of time. They’re highly customizable, including pr...

  • Structural Glass Systems
    • Glass Canopy

      Glass Canopy

      The glass canopy uses a variety of fittings to support the corners of the glass. Ferguson uses a safety laminated...

    • Glass Floors

      Glass Floors

      Glass floors are incredible design elements that highlight the structural capabilities of glass. Safety is our top priority so our...

    • Glass Guards & Balustrades

      Glass Guards & Balustrades

      We have designed glass and handrail systems for interior and exterior applications. We have systems that can run downstairs (balustrades)...

    • Glass Walls

      Glass Walls

      Our structural glass walls are beautiful additions to any lobby or public area. We primarily use structural glass fins to...

    • All Structural Glass Systems

      Structural Glass Systems

      In our structural glass systems we engineer the glass to act as part of the structure, creating glass “beams” to support walkway...

  • RS Panel Systems
    • Rain Screen Panel Systems

      Rain Screen Panel Systems

      Our RS (rain screen) Panel Systems are available in several configurations including aluminum or glass panels. All of our systems...

    • All RS Panel Systems

      RS Panel Systems

      Rain screens (RS) are a building envelope cladding that use aluminum or glass as the exposed surface. They provide protection from the e...

  • Advanced & Custom Technologies
    • Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)

      Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)

      Ferguson is regularly adopting new technologies to better serve our customers. For example, we can now install photovoltaic (solar panel)...

    • Bullet/Animal Proof Glazing

      Bullet/Animal Proof Glazing

      We supply and install secure and animal resistant glazing. Typically we use a multi-laminated piece of glass to increase the...

    • Daylight Harvesting & Glare Control

      Daylight Harvesting & Glare Control

      Daylight harvesting and glare control glazing allow ambient light into a building without harmful sun radiation or glare. With daylight...

    • Digital Ceramic Printing on Glass

      Digital Ceramic Printing on Glass

      Digital ceramic printing can create intricate artwork on glass. We can print any image, print, or pattern onto glass using...

    • Double Wall Facade

      Double Wall Facade

      Double wall facades are becoming increasingly popular in building envelope design due to the high-efficiency heating, cooling & sound reduction....

    • Motorized Windows & Shading

      Motorized Windows & Shading

      We can install motorized windows to allow for venting in facade systems. This allows for automatic venting that can be...

    • Smart/Electrochromic Glass

      Smart/Electrochromic Glass

      Smart/electrochromic glass can be programmed (using an app) to adjust to sunlight based on the weather forecast, sunrise/sunset times, and...

    • Switchable Privacy Glass

      Switchable Privacy Glass

      Switchable privacy glass is ideal for interior applications such as a boardroom or surgical space. Glass transforms from clear to...

    • All Advanced & Custom Technologies

      Advanced & Custom Technologies

      The custom technologies and integrations we provide are typically the firsts-of-their-kind or new to the market. These...

  • Other Systems
    • Aluminum Windows

      Aluminum Windows

      We offer basic aluminum framing for small openings, similar to residential window frames. This is generally used for interior applications.

    • Doors


      Ferguson fabricates and installs a wide range of doors and associated hardware.  We specialize in aluminum, glass, pivot, and shower...

    • Mirrors


      We supply a wide range of mirrors including standard, frosted, backlit, and beveled.

    • Smoke Baffle

      Smoke Baffle

      Smoke baffles (also known as smoke curtains) help limit the spread of smoke and heat through a building in the...

    • Storefronts


      Storefront framing (also known as flushline framing) is our most common framing solution for interior applications, transoms, sidelights, and doors....

    • All Other Systems

      Other Systems

      Apart from custom building envelope systems we also offer a range of other products to meet your glazing scope needs. This includes basic s...

  • LEED & Sustainability
  • Testing & Qualifications

Our Services

We deliver on-spec and on-time, at the highest levels of quality, even on the most intricate projects. If you’re looking for brilliant and professional work, we can help.

Design Assist & Engineering

Because we focus on unique and challenging projects, we can often work with your team right from the start, helping you take the vision you have in your head and translating it to a high performing building envelope design that can truly be brought to life. We help refine ideas and our team of professional engineers and engineering technologists execute tests to ensure your building has structural integrity and can be efficiently constructed. We also provide “value engineering” – which helps make ambitious designs achievable inside fixed project budgets.

Procurement & Fabrication

For over 40 years, we’ve built productive, long term relationships with our suppliers so when we source the materials for your building, we can access what we need, when we need it. Then we move into fabrication. Our two shops in Calgary, Alberta are designed for a highly controlled fabrication process that delivers innovative, high quality products that can be rapidly installed.


We offer a large group of highly qualified journeyman glaziers with extensive installation experience. We also have our unique rope access team, which regularly repels down buildings to execute the most challenging, hard-to-handle installations. Our installation team is COR safety certified and includes a QAQC team monitoring all of our projects. In addition, we leverage the Glazier Apprenticeship Program to build up our talent base, ensuring we always have qualified journeypersons on our team.


We test rigorously to ensure quality, particularly on unique and custom projects. We have an in-house testing chamber at our facility where we ensure all the products we produce will deliver high performance for a project, now and in the future. We also complete third-party testing as necessary. The bottom line is we’re obsessed with making sure our work and your building will both stand the test of time.


At Ferguson, we take safety seriously, with our comprehensive in-house safety program. We’re COR certified, an ISNetworld member since 2017, 100% compliant in OHS reporting and no stop work orders have been issued or action items have been required. We have a full time NCSO on staff to ensure we remain up to date with current legislation and access essential support for all departments and projects. We have worked on many projects with site congestion and work carefully to ensure public safety at all times as we complete our work.

Quality Control & Assurance

We work rigorously with General Contractors to produce quality control plans for our projects. This includes an outline of responsibilities, scope and deliverables and a clear detailing of the quality benchmark for a project. As project stages are completed, we inspect each piece of work to ensure the highest levels of quality. Any non-conformances and deficiencies are recorded, addressed and re-inspected.

How we can work together

We take your sketches and ideas and use them to create custom designs and functioning building envelopes and glass features.

We communicate directly with architects & consultants to ensure we are exceeding their building envelope expectations.

We source highly specialized custom material from local and international suppliers and fabricate your designs in our Calgary facilities.

We provide complete in-house and third-party testing to ensure the quality and performance of our products.

“Ferguson fully engineered, manufactured, assembled and installed the vertical curtain wall and skylight. The design assist process allowed us the quality of materials, budget and time to be managed in the way that the city of Calgary required for this iconic building. This is where Ferguson’s team really came together with Stuart Olson’s and the design team to work through the complex structure and curtain wall as a whole.That is where having a partner like Ferguson really pays off. For them, its in the details.”

Jordan Polson
Project Manager, Stuart Olson Construction

From first inspiration to final installation

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